New book – Finding Jessica Lambert

Finding Jessica Lambert coverI am super thrilled to announce that I have a new book out!

It’s a romance, set in London, about two women who help each other and whose lives bloom like they never would have foreseen.

It’s available on Kindle from all Amazon sites, on KU as well initially, with paperback to follow.

Here’s the blurb:

Jessica Lambert, movie star and ingénue, is in danger of burning out. Returning to London for the premiere of her latest film, she’s recognised everywhere she goes. When she runs away through the streets of London, she’s taken in by the beautiful and more mature Anna. The two hide in the sanctuary of Anna’s roof-top flat, a haven away from the crowds, but why has Anna removed herself from the world?

As the two women get to know each other, stripping away the layers, both appreciate what each does for the other. This could be the start of something wonderful, more than either of them know.

Finding Jessica Lambert on Amazon UK

Finding Jessica Lambert on Amazon US

Book club notes for The Goodmans

The Goodmans gets picked as a book club read from time to time so here are a few notes based on frequent questions I’ve been asked by the readers and their discussions.

Where did the idea for The Goodmans come from?

I’d had this idea around a middle-aged mother meeting an old flame at her daughter’s wedding for a long time. I’d even outlined the story a little. But the main character I originally envisaged was quite submissive and she couldn’t carry the story as I intended. But after the referendum to leave the EU in the UK, I wanted to play around with a raging left-wing character and that’s when Maggie Goodman marched into the plot and took over the story.

What were the challenges of writing this book?

I always like to have a new challenge when writing a book.

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Reviews for The Goodmans

My double helping of romance wrapped in a family drama, The Goodmans, has been out for three months now and has garnered some lovely reviews. Here’s a selection:

The Lesbian Review:

I love the character work, the intricate plotting, how every detail is revealed at the exact right moment, the angst that I felt deep in my bones, and the most satisfying of happily ever afters. This book is perfection.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Tara Scott also did a detailed review for the Keeper Shelf on this mainstream romance site:

“To say I was excited when Ashton dropped her newest book, The Goodmans, would be an understatement. If you heard a high-pitched squeal in the distance, that may have been me. I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed and I was left with a massive book hangover when I finished it. The tagline on the cover says “Even the nicest families have secrets” and WHOA, do they ever.”

Les Reveur:

“This book oozes fun, emotion and has very hot sexy scenes… it ticks every one of my boxes of what a great novel should be and then goes beyond. I can’t wait to see what Clare Ashton writes next.”

The Romantic Reader:

“Clare Ashton writes books that you love to read. They are complex, fun and capture your attention the whole way through. She builds characters and relationships with such skill you cannot help but be swept off your feet.”


“This book has it all: love, romance, family drama, angst, quirky humour, sex, social criticism, redemption and deep insights in motherhood and ageing. It even has unexpected twists and turns.”


The Goodmans is available on Amazon and Smashwords.


Setting for The Goodmans

Setting is important to me. If I’m to spend several months mentally in a place it has to be compelling and somewhere I want to immerse myself. I also need to be very familiar with an area and its people to get the nuances of a setting right – architecture, cultural mix, cuisine, the ebb and flow of the town and land over the day.

Like the setting of my last book, Poppy Jenkins, the story of The Goodmans takes place somewhere from my childhood.

I adore the old market towns of the Welsh borders – Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Ledbury – with their medieval twisted timber buildings and Georgian grandeur. None were quite perfect for the setting of The Goodmans, and I blended several together to make the fictional Ludbury of the family’s residence. It most closely resembles Ludlow, however, the main difference being the church and its grounds in the book in place of the castle next to the market square.

Here are a few locations in a characterful town for a characterful family:

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New book – The Goodmans

My new romance, The Goodmans, is finally out and I can’t wait for people to meet every member of that family. It’s been a ball writing them.

The lovely doctor Abby Hart lives in her dream cottage in the quintessential English border town of Ludbury, home to the Goodmans.

Maggie Goodman, all fire and passion, is like another mother to her, amiable Richard a rock and 60s-child Celia is the grandmother she never had.

But Abby has a secret. Best friend Jude Goodman is the love of her life, and very, very straight. Even if Jude had ever given a woman a second glance, there’d also be the small problem of Maggie – she would definitely not approve.

But secrets have a habit of sneaking out, and Abby’s not the only one with something to hide. Life is just about to get very interesting for the Goodmans.

Things are not what they used to be, but could they be even better?


Here are the links to the ebook (paperback to follow):

Amazon US

Amazon UK


The Goodmans – a sneak preview

After writing Poppy Jenkins, I realised that one of the aspects I enjoyed writing most was the characterful family. So in my new book, I’ve put a family centre stage, and it’s certainly an interesting one. I also adored living in the Mid-Wales setting, so I’ve not strayed too far and The Goodmans is set just over the border in the fictional town of Ludbury (not so different from the historic town of Ludlow).

It features my most complex character yet and one I adore despite her flaws and sometimes because of them. Too often the formidable older woman with a smart and sharp word for everyone is the feisty supporting character. But Maggie Goodman takes pride of place in this family drama.

There’s no shortage of romance. For a start, Jude Goodman’s best friend Abby Hart secretly holds a flame for her. And there are more secrets besides.

Here are the first two chapters and an introduction to the characters.

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After Mrs Hamilton podcast and book club read

I talked to Sheena from The Lesbian Review about After Mrs Hamilton. She asked some very good questions! Here’s the podcast link and I hope you find the interview interesting.

After Mrs Hamilton is also this month’s book club read on the Facebook group The Lesbian Review Book Club. I’ll be answering questions on Saturday the 24th March then the next two days are no-holds barred discussion between the group members only. You can join the group here.

Diva Magazine Interview and Literary Festival

Diva Magazine is running a new literary festival this year and I’m thrilled to be appearing on two panels. It should be the biggest lesfic event in the UK since the days of YLAF with Val McDermid, VG Lee and Kiki Archer all headlining and authors from Bold Strokes, Ylva plus indies taking part. It takes place in Birmingham, weekend of November 3/4/5. More details here.

In the run up to the event, Diva Magazine also interviewed me about Poppy Jenkins, my writing and my thoughts on the festival (it’s bloody exciting!). You can read the interview here.