Your influences are showing….

Many thanks to Gabriella West for writing a lovely review of Pennance.

I found it very interesting reading because Gabriella mentioned a couple of authors that she thought may have influenced me. Firstly there was Sarah Waters, who I think must be a huge favourite among lesbian authors, but spotting Zoe Heller was worryingly accurate. Along with many of Sarah Waters’ novels, Notes on a Scandal is one of my favourite books. I loved the characters in that novel – so damaged and wonderfully unlikeable.

Gabriella then noted another influence of the film Truly Madly Deeply – one of my favourite films. It was starting to get scarey at this point. She ends the review by saying that the ending of Pennance reminded her of the reconciliation of Pip and Estella in Great Expecations – a text deeply seared into my psyche from studying it at A level.

Makes me wonder what else people can tell from my writing.


4 thoughts on “Your influences are showing….

  1. You are right! That was an amazing perceptive and almost mind occupying review… has she left the inner workings of your psyche yet?!

  2. Well, it would have been embarrassing to be wrong 🙂 So I’m glad I was right. I know as a fellow author how easy it is to be influenced by writers I love, imperceptibly. In fact a writer friend is mailing me a book for my birthday called “Steal Like an Artist.” (!) My mention of Dickens is a tribute to how good I thought your book was, Clare.

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