Poppy Jenkins is out now!

Poppy Jenkins 05_9I am thrilled to bits that my new romance, Poppy Jenkins, is finally out!

I’m very fond of this one. It’s set in beautiful Mid-Wales, where I grew up, during the kind of long hot summer you remember from a kid. The settings and characters are inspired by the people and places I adored from ruined castles and gorgeous countryside to formidable Welsh matriarchs.

The blurb’s below and here are the links to Kindle versions on Amazon UK and US (paperback to follow) and the Smashwords link for other formats:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Poppy-Jenkins-Clare-Ashton-ebook/dp/B01HC65VIK

US – https://www.amazon.com/Poppy-Jenkins-Clare-Ashton-ebook/dp/B01HC65VIK

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/644580

Two old friends, one hot summer, a whole load of confusion.

Poppy Jenkins makes everyone smile. She’s the heart of Wells, a beautiful village in mid-Wales, leaving light and laughter in her wake. She has a doting family, an errant dog and a little sister with a nose for mischief. But she’s the only gay in the village and it’s a long time since she kissed a girl: the chance of romance in sleepy Wells is rarer than a barking sheep.

If she doesn’t think too hard, life is cosy, until a smart sports car barrels into town with the last woman Poppy wants to see behind the wheel. Beautiful Rosalyn Thorn was once Poppy’s high school BFF even though she was trouble. Then one day she abandoned Wells and Poppy without explanation. Now the highflier is back and bound to cause fresh havoc in the village and with Poppy’s heart; folk are not happy.

Wells needs to wake up to the 21st century and Rosalyn can help, but old prejudices die hard. If they can be friends it could be the chance to make everyone’s happy ever after. Couldn’t it?


12 thoughts on “Poppy Jenkins is out now!

  1. If I had written “Poppy Jenkins” I think I would just sit back with my feet up, smug with my own greatness. I guess this is a weird way of saying well done and thank you. I loved the book.


  2. Hi Clare, this was so lovely and moving. I adored everyone. Thank you so much. I know that you sometimes (often) write your characters with actors in mind. Who did you picture as Poppy and Rosalyn. What a wonderful, funny and moving experience.
    Best, J

    • Hi!

      Great to hear that you liked the characters so much – I was very fond of them 🙂

      She’s a little older than the heroine now, but I think Sally Hawkins would make a perfect Poppy Jenkins.

      Less sure about Rosalyn. Kate Winslet could definitely pull off the right attitude 🙂

      Not how I pictured the characters when I was writing, but a good fit I think.

      What do you reckon?


  3. I have read all of your other books at least twice each (I read The Dildo in the Kitchen Drawer about once every 6 months or whenever I need a tremendous laugh!) … but having just finished Poppy Jenkins and this is the most masterful of your very masterful set of writings. Simply wonderful! I also love the length … I like the depth of at least 300 pages in a novel. Great characters and very nicely done ‘looking back’ and ‘moving forward’ balance. Loved it! (Also caught your admonition to Diana Simmonds and second it! Love her work also – especially Silver Lining – and have wished that she wrote more, faster!)

  4. Poppy Jenkins is the pride and joy of my bookcase. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for writing this book.
    “Well I can tell it’s at least a 9 by the way your gushing over it” my girlfriend said when I refused to rate the book out of 10 when I was about 20 pages from the end. The next morning after I’d finished I told her it was a 10. How could it not be a 10 when it made my heart explode with happiness?
    Thank you again.

      • After my deep sadness of no longer having Poppy and Rosalyn in my life I quickly ordered ‘That Certain Something’ and after a few impatient weeks, I was smiling from ear to ear again. I love your characters, and your storylines have me turning pages more eagerly than I’ve done in a long time. They fill my heart with happiness. Now if you could just write a book a week for the rest of my life, that’d be greatly appreciated. haha. Thank you again, Clare.

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