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Reviews for Finding Jessica Lambert

Finding Jessica Lambert has been out for a couple of months and has seen some lovely reviews. Readers have liked its immersive quality and the tender relationship between the characters. Some have appreciated its layered character-driven story and the odd plot surprise and others the handling of the protagonists’ anxiety. Here are a few snippets:

Finding Jessica Lambert coverFinding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton is the kind of tender and delightful romance that I have been yearning to read.” – The Lesbian Review

“A spectacularly written, madly immersive age gap romance.” – Best Lesfic Reviews

“There are so many layers to this story that I can see if being one of my favourite re-reads for years to come. I adored it.” – Kitty Kat’s Book Reviews

“I don’t think I’ve read chemistry that is more prevalent than in this book. The attraction and sexual chemistry were there in spades, and you could feel it emanating from the page when Anna and Jess were in the same room. In regards to emotional chemistry, that was also ubiquitous and Clare Ashton wrote it so well, I could almost feel it.” – Les Reveur

“But what really made this book feel important to me is how validating it was reading it as a person with anxiety–the anxiety that both MCs experience, for different reasons and in different ways, is present from the first page, significant, but not defining, and not shown as evidence of brokenness. This book made me feel seen.” – Goodreads review

“‘Finding Jessica Lambert’ is a lesbian age-gap romance book about overcoming inner demons, imaginary and real. It’s hard to find in fiction flawed characters that are so appealing in both their strengths and shortcomings so much so that they seem to come out of the page with a life of their own. That’s what makes this story so appealing.” – LezReviewBooks

” It’s poignant yet never whiny, it’s full of angst and hope, it’s sexy and human and delightful.” – Not Me Anymore

“Ashton holds a microscope to the subtler emotions and thoughts that can influence a person on a wider a scale. Instead of swimming in a large shallow pool, this books drops you in a puddle a mile deep.” – The Lesbian 52

“Finding Jessica Lambert is a beautiful romance between two strong relatable women. With their love radiating from dialogues, thoughts, and the smallest gestures, it is impossible not to fall for Jess and Anna as well as the book.” – Hsinju’s Lit Log

“Do not expect a big, loud plot. Instead, sit back and appreciate a masterful telling that is devastating in the passion and turmoil it creates. Pay attention to the quiet moments that the author uses to amplify their relationship. Anticipation can be brutally delicious, especially when the author delivers the heat with perfect timing. Read and be thrilled.” – Goodreads review

2 thoughts on “Reviews for Finding Jessica Lambert”

  1. Finding Jessica Lambert. What a beautiful story, l have been waiting for your latest book and not disappointed, l tell my friends that you can rely on a good story from you. I fell in love with both Anna and Jess immediately, l could not put the book down. I am waiting now for your next novel.Think l might start rereading your other books until then. A big thank you for the pleasure you give.

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