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Finding Jessica Lambert on Best of Lesfic 2020 Lists

I was over the moon to find Finding Jessica Lambert on several Best of 2020 Lesfic and WLW Fiction lists at the end of the year and January.

It was voted Best Romance on Lucy Bexley’s indie poll with readers saying:

Amazing writing and great character development.”
“It had great diverse representation including Autism which was done extremely naturally and authentically, and the story itself was gripping and beautiful.

(BTW, if you haven’t tried Lucy’s books, please check out her romances. I adored Checking It Twice and I’m tearing through Must Love Silence.)

Finding Jessica Lambert came second in the LesReveur and LezReviewBooks joint poll. The very popular Haley Cass debut Those Who Wait topped that poll, which I must read after seeing so many recommendations for it. Finding Jessica Lambert also made those reviewers’ best of the year books too (LesReveur’s list is here and LezReviewBooks here) as well as regular reviewer Jude in Stars’ too!

Kitty top ten Finding Jessica Lambert was also a favourite for Kitty, and made two Top 10s on The Lesbian Review’s site!

From Victoria’s list: “I love Ashton’s writing style. It’s unique, allowing me to get lost in her stories. Both Jessica and Anna are original characters – not your typical celebrity actors. Ashton’s subtle character work kept me captivated. There’s a level of intimacy Ashton brings to their relationship that’s so touching. I was surprised by where the plot took me, and I adore reading about a neurodivergent leading lady. If one book made me believe in a forever love this year, it would be this one. Such a beautiful story!”

Best romanceAnd from April’s list: “I always wondered what it would be like to be rich and famous and this author gave me a frank and realistic portrayal of the true cost of fame. I lost my heart to Jessica and Anna because they had to deal with a lot of personal and professional hurdles in order for them to have the once-in-a-lifetime kind of love and belonging they thought they would never find.”

6 thoughts on “Finding Jessica Lambert on Best of Lesfic 2020 Lists”

  1. Congratulations, l read Finding Jessica Lambert for a second time over the Christmas period. My favourite book of last year. Still in love with both characters.

  2. OK, I just concluded The Goodmans, and feel compelled to reach out and thank you for your intelligent, unapologetic, and relatable tale! I read quite a bit, yet this story, your story, spoke to me. Layers. My immediate response: joyful satisfaction from a kindred spirit. So, how does an appreciative reader – one who is adamantly opposed to Facebook and all that nonsense – write to you directly with literary compliments? (Not a fan of public commentary, blegh.) Just wondering…

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