Interviews, news and shortlisted for awards

I had the best chat with Ali from the podcast What Would Sappho Say. We talked about sapphic and queer fiction, small towns, mystery, romance, The Tell Tale and Poppy Jenkins. You can listen to the conversation in Spotify or Apple podcasts. Hope you enjoy our chat.

The Sapphic Review also does a series of entertaining short interviews with authors of lesfic / sapphFic. It was my turn last week and you can catch up with this series here.

Recently also, The Tell Tale was shortlisted for multiple awards at the Golden Crown Literary Society. It’s a finalist in the Mystery, Ann Bannon popular choice and cover categories. There are some brilliant books shortlisted and I’m very proud to see The Tell Tale among them.

That’s all for now, except to say I’m working on a romance that I hope to see published in autumn!


2 thoughts on “Interviews, news and shortlisted for awards”

  1. Hello,

    Many thanks for the exciting news!

    I’m so looking forward to the romance you’re working on. Please us all know when it’ll be available on Kindle, so I can rush to read it. Of course it’ll mean bringing the annoying machine out of mothballs, and then I’ll end up buying the paperback anyway, which is my MO where your books are concerned.

    All best wishes,

    Vee ________________________________

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