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The Tell Tale wins a Goldie Award

I was extremely pleased that The Tell Tale won a Golden Crown Literary Society award in the Mystery/Crime/Thriller category.

The GCLS conference and award ceremony took place earlier this month in the USA. One day, I hope to make it to a conference, but couldn’t this year. The award has now arrived through the post and it’s a beaut!

You can find the full list of award winners here. Congratulations to all the winners, including Cari Hunter, also in the Mystery/Crime/Thriller category, with her fabulous book Unbreakable.

Goldie award and The Tell Tale paperback

2 thoughts on “The Tell Tale wins a Goldie Award”

  1. Heartiest congratulations!

    Talking about books, you may enjoy Ann McMan’s Dead Letters from Paradise. Just as a teaser, Mary Ann Evans is (somewhat remotely) involved.

    Best wishes,


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