After Mrs Hamilton

AMHNewCoverAfter Mrs Hamilton is a Golden Crown Literary Society award winner and is a best-selling lesbian intrigue-romance on Amazon.

This is what I’ve been looking for in lesfic since I started reading lesfic” – C Spot Reviews

Her storytelling is superb” – Terry Baker Reviews

You will come for the sex, but you’ll stay for the substance” –

After Mrs. Hamilton – a twisting tale of sex, secrets, and obsession.

Clo is leading a loveless life as a high class escort for women. She’s always had a dream of the ideal partner, but after a bad experience with love when she was young, figures she is better off on her own. Right now, she’s supposed to be meeting her best friend. But tonight, Clo has to work.

It’s early evening and Mrs. Hamilton waits for an escort on the balcony of her London hotel suite. It’s cold, and she feels ice in her veins that has nothing to do with the chilly air. Too much pain, betrayal, and lost desire. What is she thinking, that the touch of a stranger will heal her broken past? But her appointment is with Clo, and the touch of this beautiful young woman lights torches Mrs. Hamilton didn’t know she carried. Clo doesn’t even feel like a stranger. She feels dangerously like someone Mrs. Hamilton wants to know.

But love, passion, and desire never seem to know the right time, or place. Neither do secrets, especially when everyone’s keeping them, as call girl Clo and her friends are about to find out. From London to Oxfordshire, the past collides with the present with repercussions no one could imagine or will ever forget.

Where to buy After Mrs Hamilton:

For Kindle from Amazon US
Paperback from Amazon US
For Kindle from Amazon UK
Paperback from Amazon UK
eBook formats from Smashwords


  • Sensational review on Honing Words.
  • Terry Baker’s review is a fabulous one. Terry Baker reads a lot of lesfic so I’m particularly pleased with her review.
  • Cab is also a big reader of lesfic and her review is another great one.
  • Guerilla bookworm’s review is not uncritical but it’s also very interesting and so incredibly complimentary that I couldn’t leave this out.
  • C-Spot Reviews also has some fabulous comments. Here’s the review.

Some background to the novel


4 thoughts on “After Mrs Hamilton

  1. Just wanted to say what a fantastic book. I am afraid I don’t have the skills to be able to critique your book but suffice it to say your prose reminded me of The Price of Salt – my all time favourite. Wonderful stuff can’t wait for the next one. Penance excellent also. Best regards.

    • Hi Anne

      It’s funny you mentioning The Price of Salt, because that’s what After Mrs Hamilton reminded my partner of as well when she first read it. She thinks it was the scene with Mrs Hamilton in the hotel at the beginning in particular that did it for her. (I’m going to have to try very hard again not to let the comparison go to my head :). The Price of Salt is a favourite of mine too and I’m looking forward to the Cate Blanchett film enormously!

      Thank you very much for leaving a message. It’s very much appreciated and incredibly encouraging too.


  2. Just finished this book and it was wonderful. As all the reviewers have mentioned, it is a cut above the normal lesfic and therefore not a book to rush through. It’s also more of a challenge to read and follow, so it’s a lovely stretch for the brain. I pretty much agreed with the 4 reviews you cited above, so won’t go into it further. I hope you have many more great stories to share!

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