Short Stories

cover3The Dildo in the Kitchen Drawer – a short story of jealousy and slippery fingers

What has Beth’s girlfriend ordered in the plainest, squarest, most non-descript parcel? It certainly isn’t books. No-one shuffles that frantically to hide books when you come in unexpectedly.

And what would any right-minded person do when they opened the kitchen drawer to check what had been hidden? But right-minded isn’t a term that’s often applied to Beth.

The Dildo in the Kitchen Drawer is a short story of paranoia, slippery fingers and recalcitrant dogs.

Where to buy:

For Kindle on Amazon US
For Kindle on Amazon UK
Multiple formats on Smashwords


SunKissedI have a short story in Freya Publications’ SunKissed anthology. It’s also a great chance to read work from best-selling indie authors Rosen Trevithick, Toni James and Kiki Archer. It’s a fantastically varied collection with funny, sexy chick-lit stories, historic romances and literary stories.

It’s had some brilliant reviews, including one at When Sally Met Sally.

I was incredibly pleased when I read this excerpt from it:

In “I Also Met You In Summer” Clare Ashton demonstrates remarkable mastery of her craft, in a dark and gripping tale about betrayal and revenge. This is a superbly written portrait of a woman facing up to the reality of a cheating partner. A painful yet uplifting story by a supremely talented writer, this is a touching, passion-filled narrative about finding and losing love (although not necessarily in that order).

Where to buy SunKissed:

For Kindle from Amazon UK.
For Kindle from Amazon US.
In paperback from Lulu.


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