PennanceForPaperBackA suspenseful romance set in a brooding winter Cornwall. Pennance reached number 1 in the lesbian fiction charts on Amazon.

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For Kindle from Amazon UK
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Lucy is haunted by the death of her partner, Jake, and lives in paranoid fear and reclusion. She lives in a small, introverted village in Cornwall called Pennance, and is surrounded by Jake’s family and memories of him. She feels intensely guilty about his death and thinks someone is out to get her in retribution. Relief appears to come when a new neighbour, Karen, enters her life, but is that when the real threat begins?


You can read about the setting used in Pennance here.

Reviews for Pennance from Amazon:

“The book reads simultaneously like a tightly wound mystery and like a very modern gothic romance”

“pulls the reader straight into the main character’s break with reality and keeps you there throughout the entire reading of the book”

“a brilliant love story/mystery, beautifully written”

“This book is a gift out of nowhere, and as a debut, it’s just that more special”

“The way Clare Ashton has told this story is breath taking.”

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