Poppy Jenkins

Poppy Jenkins 05_9Poppy Jenkins is a light romance set in beautiful mid-Wales and winner of the Best Lesbian Contemporary Romance at the Rainbow Awards. It is available on Amazon US, UK and Smashwords.


“This sweet, witty novel is perfect to curl up with as the autumn nights lengthen.” – Diva Magazine

“Poppy Jenkins is a joy to read and is not to be missed. You’ll smile, laugh, and occasionally clutch your chest in heartbreak, and the end of it you’ll be satisfied. Clare Ashton is a masterful author and Poppy Jenkins is her best book yet.” – Curve Magazine

“Poppy may as well be a 21st century Anne of Green Gables or other costume drama small-town girl, full of buoyancy and enthusiasm, as well as love for her village and its people. But by making her this, the author doesn’t rob her of her sexuality, and that’s what makes this so wonderful. A woman’s sexual–not just romantic but sexual–attraction to another woman is depicted as innocent and wholesome. Do you have any idea how fucking healing that is?” – Shira Glassman

“Ashton did an amazing job with the characters. Every one was beautifully explored. The quaint town of Wells was as much a character in the novel as the human cast and I could not help but fall in love with it…

This book is beautifully written, yet easy to read. It is filled with conflict but you like all the characters. It is set in a small town that is dying and you hope for its resurrection. It really is a special novel” – The Lesbian Review


Clare Lydon interviewed me on The Lesbian Bookclub podcast where I talk about my writing and the background to Poppy Jenkins.