That Certain Something

cover20aA frothy London romcom. That Certain Something was a Golden Crown Literary Society and Lambda Literary Award finalist.

It truly is sensational. A real heart-warming tale of romance, love, and comedy” – Kiki Archer, author of One Foot Onto The Ice

Clare Ashton writes beautifully. Her use of language makes me want to weep with delight and her character work is simply gorgeous.” Sheena at The Lesbian Review

Award-winning author Clare Ashton, who has enthralled us with Pennance and After Mrs Hamilton, has done it again. Only this time, she has written a lighthearted, touching romance that grabs hold of your heart and doesn’t let go. Through Ashton’s deft storytelling, you’ll easily fall in love with Pia and Cate – two women searching for That Certain Something that will make their lives complete.” – Chris Paynter, author of Survived By Her Longtime Companion

Where to buy:

Available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon including US and  UK and sites and in other ebook formats from Smashwords.


Love or money? Follow the head or heart? Pia and Cate seem to be flip sides of a coin. But when they meet they definitely have that certain something, and these questions aren’t so simple after a night like theirs.

Pia Benitez-Smith has her head in the clouds of ideals and romance. She’s a photojournalist out to prove herself with her compassionate eye and although not exactly accident prone, most days trouble seems to find her. On one such day, she literally falls into the arms of the beautiful Cate. Elegant, intriguing and classy, Cate is Pia’s polar opposite. When the two dispute the importance of love versus money, Cate is adamant that her perfect night will always be an expensive one. Working class Pia can’t resist the challenge and with the assistance of a beguiling summer night in London, she begins to enchant her new friend.

An irresistible couple, a charismatic city, a priceless supporting cast – That Certain Something is a sparkling romcom from Goldie award winner Clare Ashton.

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