The Goodmans

The Goodmans – a double helping of romance wrapped up in a family saga set in the beautiful border hills of Wales and England.

I love the character work, the intricate plotting, how every detail is revealed at the exact right moment, the angst that I felt deep in my bones, and the most satisfying of happily ever afters. This book is perfection.” – Tara Scott at The Lesbian Review

This book oozes fun, emotion and has very hot sexy scenes” – Les Reveur

She builds characters and relationships with such skill you cannot help but be swept off your feet.” – The Romantic Reader

“This book has it all: love, romance, family drama, angst, quirky humour, sex, social criticism, redemption and deep insights in motherhood and ageing. It even has unexpected twists and turns.” – LezReviewBooks

Where to buy:

The Goodmans is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon including US and UK sites. Other ebook formats are available from Smashwords.


The lovely doctor Abby Hart lives in her dream cottage in the quintessential English border town of Ludbury, home to the Goodmans.

Maggie Goodman, all fire and passion, is like another mother to her, amiable Richard a rock and 60s-child Celia is the grandmother she never had.

But Abby has a secret. Best friend Jude Goodman is the love of her life, and very, very straight. Even if Jude had ever given a woman a second glance, there’d also be the small problem of Maggie – she would definitely not approve.

But secrets have a habit of sneaking out, and Abby’s not the only one with something to hide. Life is just about to get very interesting for the Goodmans.

Things are not what they used to be, but could they be even better?


Setting. The Welsh-English border setting is based on Ludlow with a some changes. Have a look at a few photos of the locations used.

Book club notes – answers to frequently questions about The Goodmans.