mmfullresMy latest, Meeting Millie, is a friends-to-lovers sapphic romance and book 1 in the Oxford romance series. A story of two very different friends who always adored each other, and an introduction to the beautiful setting of Oxford and a wider cast of characters.

My other books are all women-loving-women dramas set in the UK but they have different flavours and tones, from romances to family dramas to darker mysteries.


The Tell Tale is a wintry mystery set in Mid Wales in the early 70s and a story of secrets, enduring love and twists and turns. 

Finding Jessica Lambert coverFinding Jessica Lambert is a romance and a Lambda Literary Award finalist and GCLS award winner. An immersive and tender romance between a young film star running away from the pressures of fame and a more mature woman.

Poppy Jenkins 05_9Poppy Jenkins is my traditional big-hearted romance set in a blooming and beautiful rural Wales with a heroine that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

If you like big-hearted but with attitude why not try The Goodmans with the fiery, passionate matriarch of Maggie Goodman. It features a friends to lovers romance with young doctors Abby and Jude and so much more.

cover20aIf you fancy a quick frothy romcom, try That Certain Something. It’s a love at first sight romance and whirlwind affair with London.


12 thoughts on “Books”

  1. I have read almost all of your novels except for Poppy Jenkins and That Certian Something (I am in the process of reading That Certian Something-and enjoying it so far) You are one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed how your novel Pennance was a bit of a mystery, I would like to read another book with a mystery to it like that one. I love how your novels are sent in England, I have always wanted to visit there and plan to someday. I hope you continue to write more, I am looking forward to reading them! Each story is unforgettable, keep up the amazing work! (Especially because I’m in nursing school and reading your books gives me something to look forward to) Thank you for being such an amazing author!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely message! I hope you enjoy Poppy Jenkins too if you get round to that one. It’s probably my favourite being set on the Welsh-English borders where I grew up. And best of luck getting though nursing school 🙂

  2. I do love your writing. I am always drawn in to your settings and characters. Such elegance to your writing. Unfortunately I have read all of your books and am waiting patiently (somewhat) for your next book (hint, hint). I am one who absolutely loved After Mrs. Hamilton. Will your books ever be on audible?

    1. Thank you 😊 It’ll be a little while until my next book – I’m still mulling over several possible storylines. I’m hoping to sort out one or two audio books next year though.

  3. Hello, Clare, I am relatively new to lezfic despite being 66 and out of the closet for nearly 30 years. I’ve found it a pleasant distraction from the absurdity of the Trump administration’s antics. I just finished The Goodmans, followed by Poppy Jenkkins and I enjoyed them immensely. Very well written, great wit and storyline. I love the small town rural settings.And now I want to visit Wales! I will work my way back through your previous novels, but please, keep them coming!

    1. Thank you 😊 I loved ‘living’ in those two books for a good few months and the Welsh Marches is one of my favourite parts of the world. I’m torn between indulging in another and something very different. I hope you enjoy the others if you get a chance to read them. That Certain Something is a very light read. The other two a little different! Thanks again and I hope you find much more lesfic to enjoy 😊

  4. Just finished Poppy Jenkins only a day after I finished The Goodmans and I felt compelled to let you know how much I appreciate you and the wonderful gift of your writing! Thank you so very much for providing what I have long desired. I read many romance novels as a teen, and when I realized I was gay (a little over 20 years ago) there was a dearth of quality lesbian romance novels. I’ve indulged in fanfic (the good, bad, and ugly) for such a long time now that I didn’t realize remarkable authors like you were out there. And now I must read everything you’ve written. Thank you again. Your stories are a true pleasure!

  5. I loved all your books! Will be finishing After Mrs Hamilton, just love your writing! Can’t wait for the next one! 😊

  6. Please, please tell there will be an audiobook in the near future. Loved your reading of Poppy Jenkins on YouTube, please make more (your reading was fantastic). Love all of your books 😘

    1. They’ll be an audio version for sale of That Certain Something early next year narrated by Jessica Jeffries 🙂 If that goes well I’m going to look at getting The Goodmans done next. I’ve signed a contract with Tantor for them to produce the audio of my latest, Finding Jessica Lambert, but I’m keen to get the back catalogue done too 🙂

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